13-Papers-Igcse chemistry solved past papers for 0620

Igcse Chemistry Solved Past Papers for 0620 for the extended curriculum. The details of the papers are as follows: 0620_m19_qp_42 0620_m20_qp_42 0620_s15_qp_33 0620_s16_qp_42 0620_s17_qp_42 0620_s18_ms_42 0620_s18_qp_42 0620_s19_qp_42 0620_w16_qp_42 0620_w18_qp_42 0620_w19_qp_41 0620_w19_qp_43 0620_w20_qp_42 Note: Upon payment, you will receive an email in your registered email id. Through this link you may download the file. In case of any issues relating to the reciving of materials post payments, pls contact on +918424052680


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